Family, Forever! (Part Three)

(continued) … After some pictures, we headed over to Bellecourt Manor … to party! ūüėČ

These amazing young people are Chick-fil-A employees, and they’ve made some special memories together there. I love that they gave their reception a personal touch by including these cute little guys!

Leaving the reception …

… and walking together into a new life.

Congratulations, A. and S.! ‚̧


Family, Forever! (Part One)

There is nothing sweeter than watching two wonderful people come together to create their own, brand-new family! In April, I was honored to photograph A. and S.’s wedding in Illinois. ‚̧

One of the things that struck me about this wedding is how much these two young people are loved by their families. Family members from all over the country came to take part in the celebration!


Dad and daughter ‚̧

(The story continues in Part Two …)

A New Year, A New Life

January is a time to celebrate new beginnings. I was honored to share in R. and C.’s wedding!

These sweet friends started their lives together surrounded by friends and family, and I loved the feeling of happiness that was all around.




One of my favorite parts was when R. and C. said a prayer together, right before the ceremony. What better way to start a new life? ‚̧




It was chilly outside, but we braved the cold for a few shots in the park!







Congratulations again, R. and C.! Best wishes for your new life together! ‚̧

Venue Ideas: Stone House of St. Charles

How in the world have I lived in the St. Charles area for most of my life without knowing about this place??

It wasn’t exactly the most traditionally photogenic type of day when I visited Stone House. ¬†February. ¬†Cold. ¬†Rainy. ¬†Everything outside was in that quiet waiting-for-Spring phase. ¬†(The groundhog lied! ¬†But I digress.)

Almost anyplace can look good on a day when the sun is sparkling and the flowers are out.  But I think it takes a special place to shine in February.

Enter Stone House.


The Bridal Suite was spacious and airy, with beautiful historical details all over the place!



One of the things I loved about Stone House was the Groom’s Quarters. ¬†Sometimes it can be hard to track down the guys when they are getting ready off-site. ¬†Stone House has a cozy Groom’s Quarters in a separate building right next door!


Lots of fun things to do, including a game room!


The real standout for me was the Hall.  Even on a gray day in February, it was warm and inviting, and that big open space was perfect for dancing and celebrating!


To find out more about Stone House, here is a link to their website. ¬†Thanks for the tour, Mike and Ruth! ¬†ūüôā



“Why Should I Hire A Wedding Photographer?”

20160819_13432“After all, isn’t EVERYBODY a photographer these days? ¬†The cameras on phones have gotten so advanced ‚Ķ anybody can take pictures of a wedding. ¬†And there will be tons of people there. ¬†Why not just ask everyone to send us all the pictures and save the expense of hiring a wedding photographer?”

It is certainly true that nowadays almost everyone has the technology ‚ÄĒ right in their own pockets ‚ÄĒ ¬†to take some pretty decent snapshots, to say the least!

But there is a vast world of difference between “taking a picture” and “making a picture.” ¬† ¬†It’s easy to line everybody up, tell them to “Say cheese!” and take a snapshot.

Making a picture requires a lot more.  It requires using your heart to capture the emotion of a moment.  It means understanding your photography tools to the point where you can use them to match your artistic vision.  It means being intuitive enough to anticipate moments before they happen.  Not to mention choosing lighting and composition deliberately (and, in many cases, very quickly!).

Your wedding day will go by in a flash. ¬†But it will be filled with emotions that you will want to hold onto and remember. ¬†Don’t leave it up to a chance snapshot!