Family, Forever! (Part Three)

(continued) … After some pictures, we headed over to Bellecourt Manor … to party! 😉

These amazing young people are Chick-fil-A employees, and they’ve made some special memories together there. I love that they gave their reception a personal touch by including these cute little guys!

Leaving the reception …

… and walking together into a new life.

Congratulations, A. and S.! ❤


Family, Forever! (Part One)

There is nothing sweeter than watching two wonderful people come together to create their own, brand-new family! In April, I was honored to photograph A. and S.’s wedding in Illinois. ❤

One of the things that struck me about this wedding is how much these two young people are loved by their families. Family members from all over the country came to take part in the celebration!


Dad and daughter ❤

(The story continues in Part Two …)

Engagement Session: A. and S.

I had such a good time with A. and S. during our engagement session! We started our photos in a place that I never would have thought to take engagement pictures: Chick fil A. I was so excited to start our photos off there! (On a Sunday, no less! 😉 )

I love that they wanted to do something unique and fun like this! ❤