Senior Photography: L.

WOW, it seems like just yesterday I had L. in my elementary music class.  I loved having her in my class; she was one of those kids who always made me smile! And now she's a Senior in high school, and such a lovely person in every way!   L., it was a pleasure to... Continue Reading →


Head Shots: K.

Last week, I got to catch up with K.!  She used to be one of my music students back in elementary school, and now she's in college.  Wow! So gorgeous! It was great to see you again, K.!  🙂

Headshots: Joel W.

I'm taking advantage of a rare 10-minute window -- in which both kids are sleeping -- to post a few pictures of a very talented guy!   These are some of his acting headshots from a session that we did a couple of weeks ago.   Congrats, Joel!           And with... Continue Reading →

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