Memory Monday

Thus were the houses of Capulet and Montague brought together at last:

Memory Monday

Three guesses as to who it was walking up the driveway that brought such big smiles to their faces ... Did you guess ... GRANDMA AND GRANDPA? 😉

Family Photography: the B. Family

I just love the B. family!  It has been a pleasure to watch them grow over the years.  This time I got to be a part of Baby A.'s first birthday celebration! It was a perfect day for a bright, summery family picture! So sweet! It was wonderful to see you guys again, B. family... Continue Reading →

Family Photography: The H. Family

Last week, I had a great time photographing the H. family! It was a humid St. Louis day in July, but they were good sports about the heat.  Such a fun bunch! One thing I love about family photo sessions is the variety.  Couples shots, kid shots, groups, grandparents ... with family photography, I get to... Continue Reading →

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