Memory Monday

Photo of the day that makes me smile (from 2013): Er mag Käfer!  😉 Have a great week ... see you back for Wonderful World Wednesday!


Memory Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!  🙂 To brighten things up on Mondays, I'm planning to post a picture from the past (usually from my family) that makes me smile.  I'm going to try to stay away from "posed" pictures, and only use pictures that show a little glimpse of real-life memories.  I'm looking forward to sharing them... Continue Reading →

Family Photography: the B. Family

I just love the B. family!  It has been a pleasure to watch them grow over the years.  This time I got to be a part of Baby A.'s first birthday celebration! It was a perfect day for a bright, summery family picture! So sweet! It was wonderful to see you guys again, B. family... Continue Reading →

Children’s Photography: The K. Family

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to sit upon the floor and play! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, These sweet twins are featured now upon my blog today!"  😉   Merry Christmas to the K. family!  🙂

Children’s Photography: D.

Hooray, Baby D. is turning ONE!!  🙂 This little guy is already super quick on his feet!  But he always has time for snuggles with his grandma: Or laughing with Mom: Or contemplating the deeper meaning of cake.  "Hm.  I know this cake is delicious.  But WHY is it delicious?" And of course, every piece... Continue Reading →

Children’s Photography: C.

The gorgeous autumn weather has lasted for a really long time this year!  The temperature was nice and the colors were bright for C.'s pictures last week.  🙂 I first met C. this past spring, and I was happy to get to play with him again.  Two-year-olds are so much fun! Peek-a-boo:  always a big... Continue Reading →

Children’s Photography: J.

Rain, rain, stay away!  It was a cloudy morning for J.'s photo session, but we wanted to be sure and get pretty pictures; her mom's birthday was coming up, and the photos were going to be a surprise present. I brought an umbrella, just in case! We didn't end up needing it, but I love those bright... Continue Reading →

Children’s Photography: Baby E.

Last week, I got to meet the adorable Baby E.!  Her grandma used to be a co-worker of mine, and I was really looking forward to meeting E.  What a sweet personality this little one-year-old has! Posing pretty for the camera: "Wow, how do these things work??" And, my favorite part of any "first birthday" photo... Continue Reading →

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