My 365: Bookish


My 365: Windy

Okay ... not really.  It was actually a very still day, which turned out to be fortuitous, because I hadn't brought my tripod!

My 365: Household Inspiration

Sometimes it's fun to just walk around the house with the camera and see what strikes you.  On this particular morning, I liked the way the sun was shining in and illuminating my son's favorite cereal bowl.

My 365: Easter Eggs

The other day, Leo and I went through the checkout line with those most fateful of items:  vinegar, food coloring, and eggs. The cashier looked at us, puzzled, and said, "Don't you need a dye kit for those?" No, we do not!  Admittedly, this was my first experience with dyeing eggs since I was a... Continue Reading →

My 365: Penny Whistles

Here's my deep, dark secret from my past:  I used to collect and play pennywhistles.  It all started innocently enough; I enjoyed playing the recorder with my elementary students, and I was curious about similar instruments.  So I bought my first Clarke whistle.  I liked it, so I wanted to try another (after all, they... Continue Reading →

My 365: Toys and Games

In case you were wondering about the Hoberman Sphere from my last post, it's one of those cool expanding-and-retracting ball thingies (I think there's one on Michael Scott's desk on "The Office"). How does it work?  Well, I find the mechanics behind it very puzzling. (bada-bing!)

My 365: Origami

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to attend the regional gathering of an association that my husband and I are a part of.  One of the sessions was about origami. Note:  I did NOT create any of the stunning pieces you will see here.  The hosts brought them for display purposes only;... Continue Reading →

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