Senior Photography: E.

It's time for some Senior photos!  🙂 E. was in my class when I taught elementary music.  I remember him as being a great kid ... and he has grown up to be a wonderful young man! And, of course, it makes me so happy to see former students continuing to enjoy music! For our... Continue Reading →


Senior Photography: T.

Yesterday I featured I.'s senior photos ... today it's T.'s turn! Both I. and T. are a couple of the all-around nicest people you'll ever meet.  It was my pleasure to get to know them as kids, and I'm so glad I got to see the wonderful young people they have become.  I'm so proud... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: I.

I had a great time taking I. and T.'s senior photos last week!  Both of them are former students of mine (from elementary music class). Today's feature:  I.'s senior pictures! Congratulations, I.!  🙂  

Senior Photography: J.

I love senior photography!  It's so much fun to photograph young people who are at such an exciting time in their lives (okay, wow, I felt really old saying that). My most recent Senior Session was with my super-talented cousin, J.! I was really excited for this session.  It was a new venue for me... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: Xavier

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present to you ... The guy who taught me how to play Guitar Hero (back when he was a little kid). And now he is graduating.  I am feeling old.  🙂 For his senior pictures, he chose to go to a place down in St. Charles called, "Fast Lane."  It... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: Scott

  I love doing senior photography!  I love the energy and fresh perspectives of the young people I meet.  And it's extra cool when the seniors know -- or were -- students of mine from back when I taught elementary school music (!).   Just for fun, we did part of the session in a... Continue Reading →

The Firebird Suite

I spent a fun time photographing in the woods yesterday!  The idea for this picture has been rattling around in my mind for a few weeks, so it was great to be able to get out and make it happen.  

Headshots: Joel W.

I'm taking advantage of a rare 10-minute window -- in which both kids are sleeping -- to post a few pictures of a very talented guy!   These are some of his acting headshots from a session that we did a couple of weeks ago.   Congrats, Joel!           And with... Continue Reading →

Senior Session: Alexis (Part 2)

When I got together with Alexis and Brandon last week, we came to the realization that Alexis' viola was still at school!  So, being the pushy photographer I am, I just HAD to get together with them a second time and get some shots with the viola. I mean, who would want to miss out... Continue Reading →

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