Senior Photography: B.

My favorite time of year ... SENIOR PHOTOS! I got to meet B. and his parents a couple of weeks ago.  We had a fun time taking pictures in the park!  And then when we were done, we discovered that we had some mutual friends.  Small world! Looking good, B.! My very favorite part of... Continue Reading →


Senior Photography: A.

The school year has begun! Last week I had the pleasure of photographing A.  She and I go waaaay back ... I had her as a music student at two different elementary schools.  And now she's graduating!!! I loved having her in my music class.  She was one of the sweetest kids you could ever... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: E.

College graduation season is upon us! This past weekend, I had the honor of attending E.'s graduation ceremony, and then we got together for some pictures around campus.  It was a beautiful day ... and a beautiful graduate!  🙂 Make a wish! You just can't have graduation photos without this shot: Best of luck in... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: A.

There's NO WAY I'm old enough to be taking Senior pictures for the kids I had in my music class when they were kindergarteners!  And yet ... here we are.  😉 I had a great time reconnecting with A. after all these years! A. is super talented!  I got to see some of his tennis... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: L.

WOW, it seems like just yesterday I had L. in my elementary music class.  I loved having her in my class; she was one of those kids who always made me smile! And now she's a Senior in high school, and such a lovely person in every way!   L., it was a pleasure to... Continue Reading →

Head Shots: K.

Last week, I got to catch up with K.!  She used to be one of my music students back in elementary school, and now she's in college.  Wow! So gorgeous! It was great to see you again, K.!  🙂

Senior Photography: A.

This Senior Photography session was so much fun!  Not only was A. super nice, I got to photograph her interacting with animals. She was such a natural! It was a joy to watch.  A. just lit up when she was around the animals.  I heard that she would like to be a veterinarian, and I think it... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: M.

This was one of those photo sessions that was kind of bittersweet, because M. was in my elementary music class (on and off), from kindergarten through 5th grade!  And now here he is, about to graduate from high school.  There's a reason everybody says, "time flies," and that's because it's true! Here are a few photos... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: M.

Earlier in the month, I had the pleasure of meeting M. at the park for some Senior photos! M. and her mom were both absolutely great, the weather was perfect, and the park was in full bloom.  A perfect evening! Gorgeous! And last of all, THIS is exactly what graduation is supposed to feel like!!... Continue Reading →

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