Memory Monday

Buttercup, back when we first got her.  Aww!


Newborn Photography: Baby M.

On Sunday, I finally got to meet Baby M.!  I had photographed his parents a few weeks ago, for their maternity session, so I had really been looking forward to meeting him! His parents said that he loved to get his hair brushed, which I thought was absolutely adorable.  🙂 Look at him, already making friends! A big... Continue Reading →

My 365: Pepper

If Seven (from yesterday) is the bubbly, life-of-the-party dog, then Pepper is the poised, calm dog. Isn't she gorgeous? Some tips on photographing black dogs: 1.  Don't blast them with direct flash.  If your flash swivels, then you'll get better results by bouncing the light off of the wall beside you.  If your flash doesn't... Continue Reading →

My 365: Seven

No, not the movie. The dog! This cutie belongs to some friends of ours! Okay, I can't help myself:  this last picture isn't the most photographically wonderful picture, but it still cracks me up.  This dog is crazy! Na na na na -- BATDOG! Stay tuned tomorrow for tips on how to take good pictures... Continue Reading →

My 365: Horse

Ladies and Gentlemen ... meet my new wallpaper.  🙂 I used to drive past these horses every morning on the way to work, and I always wished I could stop and take a picture.  Now, thanks to a job change and some road construction, I can! And one last one, for those who prefer their... Continue Reading →

Engagement + Dog!

The couple from yesterday's post wanted to get some shots with their adorable dog, so we got together for a Part II of the engagement shoot! Meet Weezy: If you take a close look at her collar, you will notice that she is a Cardinals fan.  🙂 Such a sweet face!

My 365: Daily Rabbit

I've seen this little guy in our yard several times now.  Leo -- with Easter still in mind -- says "Chocolate bunny!" whenever I tell him there is a rabbit in the yard.

My 365: Pet me!

Our neighbor's dog waits anxiously for us to come outside, because she knows I will pet her.  I mean, who could resist this face??

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