My 365: Taking Pictures of Toddlers

I know several of my posts have been Leo-centric over the past few days ... sorry about that.  It's just that he's available, he's cute, and he can usually be cajoled into getting his picture taken (not easily, mind you -- he is a toddler, after all.  More on this subject below). Right after I... Continue Reading →


Have you lost your marbles?

If so, have some of ours! This was just a fun idea I had today. If you'd like to re-create, here are the steps: 1.  Prop a piece of clear glass up so that you can fit your flash underneath it (I used the glass from a picture frame, propped up on two empty diaper... Continue Reading →

My 365: So Proud!

It's a wonderful day, when you are able to climb up onto your daddy's chair at the table, and eat Cheerios in his spot. I took this picture using only window light, my 35mm lens at f/1.8, and shutter speed at 1/125.  I turned it black and white in post-processing using a gradient map layer... Continue Reading →

My 365: All The Time In The World

Today my theme is "clocks."  And more flash painting ... gotta love flash painting. My approach was a bit different this time, though.  Instead of making a continuous line with the light, I just popped the flash at intervals while I swung the pocketwatch on a thin string, keeping the shutter open the whole time.... Continue Reading →

My 365: Lasers!

I'll admit, this is something I've been meaning to try for quite awhile.  I know, everybody's done this before.  But I never had, so today I decided to make my photo of the day by using the technique called (quite eloquently) "painting with light." Ooo, pretty!   The whole process kind of reminds me of... Continue Reading →

My 365 – Watery

Day 2 of my 365 project:  a water droplet.  I came across the tutorial for this last night, so I decided to give it a shot.  Also, I am now amending my original 365 to include pictures of anything I want, as long as I take one per day.  Because it's just more fun that... Continue Reading →

Leaves How-To (Technobabble)

Just in case you'd like to try taking your own leaf photos, here is how I took the ones in the previous post: Step One:  Go out for a walk and pick up leaves that appeal to you.  Try not to get caught by the neighbors, who may wonder what you're doing when you stand... Continue Reading →

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