How To Look Better In Photos

If you're like me, you cringe at the thought of getting your picture taken.  There's a reason I prefer the OTHER side of the camera! Anyway, here are some posing tips I've picked up over the years that can make even snapshots look a whole lot better.  These tips are meant primarily for women, but... Continue Reading →


“What should I look for in a photographer?”

With the affordability of digital SLRs (for non-photo people, that's code for "the kinds of cameras you can buy nice lenses for"), it seems like photography businesses are EVERYWHERE.  The other day I was talking to another mom in the park, and she asked what I did for a living.  When I mentioned that I... Continue Reading →

My 365: Happy October!

My very favorite month of the year, with the possible exception of May.  I love to take pictures in the fall.  🙂 Photography tip:  if you're out taking pictures near noon, try to put the sun at the back of your subject's head.  That way, there's no squinting or harsh shadows on his/her face.

My 365: Butterfly On White

      I might have to make this one my new desktop wallpaper! One of the benefits of shooting in manual mode on your camera:  being able to blow out the background in order to properly expose the subject (I think I used spot metering mode on this one).

My 365: Pepper

If Seven (from yesterday) is the bubbly, life-of-the-party dog, then Pepper is the poised, calm dog. Isn't she gorgeous? Some tips on photographing black dogs: 1.  Don't blast them with direct flash.  If your flash swivels, then you'll get better results by bouncing the light off of the wall beside you.  If your flash doesn't... Continue Reading →

My 365: My Other Babies

One of the questions I've heard (and asked) often is, "What kind of camera do you use?" The answer to this question may not be nearly as important as you think. Yes, good quality equipment is wonderful.  Yes, if you plan to go into business, you NEED to have good equipment.  But a good camera... Continue Reading →

“What Size Prints Should I Get?”

We've all been there ... you've kept your photo CD for quite awhile, posting pictures on Facebook, emailing them to Grandma, etc.  But then you decide that it's finally time to get some prints for your wall. So you decide to get a couple of 8x10s, frame them, and put them on your wall. Then... Continue Reading →

My 365: Water Water Everywhere

It's fun to take pictures of water in the summertime!  🙂 To get that soft, foamy effect, use the slowest shutter speed possible (at least a couple of seconds).  To do this, you may need to wait until dark (or be in a shadowy forest, or have a neutral density filter on your lens).  Stop... Continue Reading →

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