My 365: My Brother

He was on the way to work, but he let me snap his picture on the way out.  What a good sport.  🙂


Gray Paper

I got a new roll of "thunder gray" seamless paper, so of course I had to try it out.  Normally I'm not big on the whole posing-people-in-front-of-a-backdrop thing.  Unless it's done well, it tends to bring back uncomfortable memories of School Picture Day.  I'd much rather be outside for pictures. But it's good to have... Continue Reading →

My 365: Breakfast with George

We've had the stomach flu floating around our house over the past few days.  First George, then Leo (they are both feeling better now).  But then this morning, I started to feel a little odd.  With a strong premonition that I would soon be kneeling before the porcelain throne, I went ahead and took my... Continue Reading →

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