Head Shots: K.

Last week, I got to catch up with K.!  She used to be one of my music students back in elementary school, and now she's in college.  Wow! So gorgeous! It was great to see you again, K.!  🙂


Senior Photography: M.

Earlier in the month, I had the pleasure of meeting M. at the park for some Senior photos! M. and her mom were both absolutely great, the weather was perfect, and the park was in full bloom.  A perfect evening! Gorgeous! And last of all, THIS is exactly what graduation is supposed to feel like!!... Continue Reading →

Headshot Photography: K.

I first met K. during my first teaching job.  Since then, we've bumped into each other a few times over the years:  mainly through acting projects she worked on with my husband, and then when I did two of her sons' senior photos. This time, K. was the one getting her picture taken!  She is a very... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: I.

I had a great time taking I. and T.'s senior photos last week!  Both of them are former students of mine (from elementary music class). Today's feature:  I.'s senior pictures! Congratulations, I.!  🙂  

Senior Photography: Xavier

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present to you ... The guy who taught me how to play Guitar Hero (back when he was a little kid). And now he is graduating.  I am feeling old.  🙂 For his senior pictures, he chose to go to a place down in St. Charles called, "Fast Lane."  It... Continue Reading →

Headshots: Joel W.

I'm taking advantage of a rare 10-minute window -- in which both kids are sleeping -- to post a few pictures of a very talented guy!   These are some of his acting headshots from a session that we did a couple of weeks ago.   Congrats, Joel!           And with... Continue Reading →

My 365: Joan

And here's our other beautiful niece from Georgia! They were brave enough to step out into the heat of the afternoon to get a couple of lovey-dovey pictures, as well!  They are such good sports.  🙂

My 365: Jennifer

When we were in Georgia, we got to spend some time with my brother-in-law and two nieces (and their new husbands)! And you'd better believe that Leo was one spoiled kid by the time we left.  (Just kidding ... it's hard to give him MORE attention than he already gets!  LOL) Here's my gorgeous niece,... Continue Reading →

My 365: My Dad

Generally, my dad runs for the hills when the camera comes out.  So I was very happy that he actually sat for a couple of shots when I was over for a visit this weekend!   Thanks, Dad!  🙂

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