My 365: Lone Tree



My 365: Retro Leo

I'm going to be honest ... I've been pretty busy editing pictures from recent gigs lately, so I haven't taken a new picture today. So, for the sake of reminiscing, here's a photo of Leo from about this time last year.  Wow, I can't believe how much hair he has gotten in the past year!

My 365: Curly Slide

It was a GORGEOUS day outside today ... the kind of day that makes me so thankful to be able to go out to the park with our son in the middle of the day. I vowed not to bring my camera today, my reasoning being that this might be one of the last times... Continue Reading →

My 365: Big Boy Bed

Please excuse the "noise" in this picture ... the room was very dark. Just a celebratory picture of Leo sleeping in his very own Big Boy Bed!  With a pillow and blanket and everything!  We wanted to be sure and have the process nailed down before passing his crib on to Baby Sister. (Rotate Boy... Continue Reading →

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