My 365: Sleeping Toddler

Yes, he does take his naps perched on a pile of books.  Doesn't everybody?  


My 365: Baby Name

For those who haven't heard it yet, our baby girl's name will be ... Drumroll, please (no, that's not the name, I'm just trying to build the anticipation) ... Eleanor Sophia!  I've loved the name Eleanor (and its attendant nicknames) for years, and Sophia just seemed to fit when George suggested it.  I know, it's... Continue Reading →

My 365: Leo and the Bump

Took these this morning using a remote control shutter release, with the camera mounted on a tripod, and flash/umbrella sort of behind me and to the side.  Leo was not a fan of sitting still for long, so I had to act fast!  

My 365: Baby Bump

Okay, sorry about that ... I'll post a proper bump picture. My husband has recently reminded me that there have been virtually NO pictures of me while I have been carrying our second child.  Part of the reason:  I've been feeling particularly frumpy this time around, so I've made zero effort to get in front... Continue Reading →

My 365: Mountainous

Okay, I'm officially getting huge. (This was taken with a camera phone, with absolutely no attempt at making it artistic.  It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I'm going to go take a nap.)  🙂

My 365: Honk Honk Game

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! But instead of turkey, today I present to you ... a ham. Our son has invented a game called "the honk honk game."  (The word "honk" should be pronounced with a nasal N and very little K at all.) Anyway, the essence of the game is that his piggy lives in the... Continue Reading →


Again with the "archive posting" ... it's just been pretty busy around here lately.  Guess I've fallen off the wagon with the whole "365" idea.  I almost made it!  🙂

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