“Why Should I Hire A Wedding Photographer?”

20160819_13432“After all, isn’t EVERYBODY a photographer these days?  The cameras on phones have gotten so advanced … anybody can take pictures of a wedding.  And there will be tons of people there.  Why not just ask everyone to send us all the pictures and save the expense of hiring a wedding photographer?”

It is certainly true that nowadays almost everyone has the technology — right in their own pockets —  to take some pretty decent snapshots, to say the least!

But there is a vast world of difference between “taking a picture” and “making a picture.”    It’s easy to line everybody up, tell them to “Say cheese!” and take a snapshot.

Making a picture requires a lot more.  It requires using your heart to capture the emotion of a moment.  It means understanding your photography tools to the point where you can use them to match your artistic vision.  It means being intuitive enough to anticipate moments before they happen.  Not to mention choosing lighting and composition deliberately (and, in many cases, very quickly!).

Your wedding day will go by in a flash.  But it will be filled with emotions that you will want to hold onto and remember.  Don’t leave it up to a chance snapshot!

Color Scheme Generator


I’m just going to come right out and say it.  I LOVE COLORS!  I love the way they can set a mood.  They can interact with each other in different ways, changing the context depending on how they are used together.

So I wanted to share a fun (free) tool that I thought might be useful for those out there in Wedding Planning Land who are in the early stages of thinking about colors and themes for bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and table settings!

All you have to do is start the generator and press the space bar to get all kinds of wedding color scheme ideas!  (I may or may not have been sitting here watching the pretty colors for … well, much too long.  Haha)

Here’s the site:

Enjoy!  🙂