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IMG_5323Thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Melanie Haynes, and I am a photographer living in the St. Charles, MO area.  I pretty much grew up around here, for all intents and purposes.  To answer the standard question posed by anyone from the St. Louis area (“Where did you go to high school?”), I went to Francis Howell North (Go Knights!).

I first became interested in photography as a kid.  My dad had a darkroom in our basement, and I thought it was just absolutely amazing to watch him give those papers a chemical bath and see the images magically appear.

But my interest in photography didn’t really take off until I got my hands on a digital camera.  The process may be different, but it is still every bit as magical!





The two goofballs in the pictures are my two kids!  They may show up on this blog occasionally, because I’m a mom and I just can’t help it.  You’ll thank me someday, kids!  😉

So that’s me.  I love taking pictures, occasionally playing the pennywhistle, guitar, and piano (not simultaneously), and sometimes other hobbies like painting, reading, and writing.  I’m easygoing, I have fun being around kids, and I’m a meticulous planner.

Most of all, I believe that everybody sees things in a slightly different way.  If you send a group of ten people out to take pictures of the same flower, each picture will be slightly different.  Part of the reason I love photography is because it allows me to show other people the world as I see it.


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