Venue Ideas: Stone House of St. Charles

How in the world have I lived in the St. Charles area for most of my life without knowing about this place??

It wasn’t exactly the most traditionally photogenic type of day when I visited Stone House.  February.  Cold.  Rainy.  Everything outside was in that quiet waiting-for-Spring phase.  (The groundhog lied!  But I digress.)

Almost anyplace can look good on a day when the sun is sparkling and the flowers are out.  But I think it takes a special place to shine in February.

Enter Stone House.


The Bridal Suite was spacious and airy, with beautiful historical details all over the place!



One of the things I loved about Stone House was the Groom’s Quarters.  Sometimes it can be hard to track down the guys when they are getting ready off-site.  Stone House has a cozy Groom’s Quarters in a separate building right next door!


Lots of fun things to do, including a game room!


The real standout for me was the Hall.  Even on a gray day in February, it was warm and inviting, and that big open space was perfect for dancing and celebrating!


To find out more about Stone House, here is a link to their website.  Thanks for the tour, Mike and Ruth!  🙂