My 365: Runaway Leo

Leo has reached that magical age when all he wants to do is run away from the camera.  Mind you, he’s never particularly been a fan of modeling.  But now he has realized that he is MUCH FASTER than his pregnant Mommy.

And wouldn’t you know it, he’s onto all of my tricks.  He no longer believes that Elmo lives in the lens.  He no longer pauses while I sing a goofy song or tell a story.  He’s jaded, I tell you!

I’ll have to update my repertoire and/or stick with the candids, I guess.  🙂


One thought on “My 365: Runaway Leo

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  1. Let us know if you have any great tips for keeping kids still for photos! Our busy bodies are such wriggles, a photo never turns out the way we imagine it in our heads any longer… But sometimes even better!

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