My 365: Licensed Characters

Like many first-time parents, my husband and I went into parenthood with the idea that we would not fill our child’s life and toybox with a bunch of licensed characters.  You know the scenario:  a talking tank engine on his shirt, animated cars on his shoes, an iconic mouse grinning up from his bedsheets.  And for the most part, we’ve stuck to our guns.  We’re not terribly legalistic about it — many (if not most) of Leo’s clothes/toys have been gifts, and many of them have licensed characters on them.  But we seem to have managed to keep it under control, mostly.

What we didn’t count on was our two-year-old’s ingenuity.

I was making lunch the other day, while Leo was happily playing with various pots, pans, and dishes.  Suddenly, I looked up to hear him exclaim, “Oscar the Grouch!!!”

He had crafted the following … um … character on the kitchen table:

He then proceeded to make it sing, “I Love Trash.”

The moral of the story:  sometimes there is just no avoiding some things.  🙂


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