My 365: Aftermath

How I Can Tell Leo Has Just Returned From A Trip To Grandma & Grandpa’s:

1.  Slightly crazy eyes, resulting from a sugar overload.

2.  Doorknob coming out of the back of his head, which means he would not stand still for 1/100th of a second in a more appropriate place (see Item #1)

3.  Dark circles under his eyes, resulting from staying up too late (he and Grandma like to say “goodnight to the stars,” which can make for quite a late bedtime.  Especially in the summer).

4.  Kiss prints all over his face (not visible in this photo).

Sometimes it’s a drag, having to be the practical one who comes in and puts a stop to all the fun.  Just wait until I have grandkids of my own.  Bwa ha ha.  😉


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