“What Size Prints Should I Get?”

We’ve all been there … you’ve kept your photo CD for quite awhile, posting pictures on Facebook, emailing them to Grandma, etc.  But then you decide that it’s finally time to get some prints for your wall.

So you decide to get a couple of 8x10s, frame them, and put them on your wall.

Then you stand back and really look at them — a couple of itty-bitty 8x10s on a huge empty wall — and think, “Wow.  This is … underwhelming.”

Yes, I am strongly of the opinion that the answer to the question, “What size prints should I get?” is this:  BIGGER THAN YOU THINK.

Here is a (hastily taken) snapshot of our living room wall:

See all the empty space?  And the fact that the pictures don’t even BEGIN to fill up the wall above the couch?

The biggest picture in this photo is, in fact, 16×20.  The tiny pictures are 8x10s.  And I have to tell you, our house is very small.  But the 16×20 (we’re talking technically poster-size, here), doesn’t look nearly as big as it sounds.

So go ahead and order those huge posters and canvases!  If you’ve got some eye-catching pictures to display, show them off!  🙂


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