My 365: A Cake He Couldn’t Refuse

Today’s picture of the day is not a good picture.  But hopefully it will provide you with a few chuckles!

We had a little get-together with the grandparents for Leo’s birthday the other day.  Leo has been really into the whole “farm animal” thing lately (I guess all 2-year-olds like animals).

So, being a loving mom and wanting to surprise my son, I tried my hand at making a horse cake.  HAHAHAHAHAHA

As George said, it SHOULD have been a red velvet cake, but I guess I just lacked creative vision.  😉

Oh well, it tasted pretty good, anyway!

(Note to Cake Wreck Spotters:  no money changed hands in the making of this cake, so it’s not eligible to be an official Wreck, as tempting as it might be!)


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