My 365: Self-Portrait With Toddler

Taking an in-focus, compositionally-decent self portrait = HARD.  Taking a non-blurry portrait of a toddler = HARD.  Combining the two = I’m going to go eat the entire head off of a chocolate bunny; I’ve earned it!

How I spent my morning:

1.  I set the camera on the tripod and got it angled the way I wanted it, metering for the background.

2.  I put the flash on the camera, pointing backwards into the reflector I propped up against a nearby tree.

3.  I set the focus point at the center, because that is easiest to aim for a self-portrait (just look down the barrel of the lens, and you should be in focus).

4.  I stopped down the aperture a bit more than usual, to compensate for any inaccuracies.

5.  I set the camera to fire using a remote.

6.  Wrangled the toddler, and tried like crazy to keep him from wiggling away and/or elbowing me in the throat.

7.  Took a bunch of pictures (aka “spray and pray”).

8.  Rewarded the toddler by letting him “help” fire the remote, take down the equipment, and look at the pictures in the little LCD screen.

9.  Ate the aforementioned chocolate.


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