My 365: Penny Whistles

Here’s my deep, dark secret from my past:  I used to collect and play pennywhistles.  It all started innocently enough; I enjoyed playing the recorder with my elementary students, and I was curious about similar instruments.  So I bought my first Clarke whistle.  I liked it, so I wanted to try another (after all, they are very affordable.  They are not called pennywhistles for nothing).

Before I knew it, I was completely hooked.

But this was all several years ago.  I hadn’t broken out the whistles in quite some time … until today.

I thought they might make for some fun pictures.  And, as long as I had them out, I tried to see if I could remember any of my repertoire — so I played a version of “Dear Irish Boy” that set the neighbor’s dog howling.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll have to renew my membership to Chiff and Fipple.  🙂


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