My 365: The Children’s Zoo

I braved the wind and took Leo to the St. Louis Zoo today.  And … oh my, we had such a good time!  Not necessarily with the animals; I think Leo’s favorite parts were the playground and the toy kitchen in the Children’s Zoo.  Whenever we spent too long looking at an any of the animals, Leo piped up with, “All done, Mommy!”

I did get lots of fun pictures, though.  I’m planning to split a few of my favorites into two days, so I don’t overwhelm you.  🙂

“If I sit reeeeeally still, maybe people will think I’m part of the painted scenery.”

“So many things to see!”

“Groovy, man!”

Preparing for a promising future as an orthodontist:

I would look a little trepidatious too, if somebody asked me to sit in a giant animal’s mouth.

Coming tomorrow:  the big cats and the Bad Hair-Day Prairie Dog, among others.  Stay tuned!  🙂


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