My 365: Origami

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to attend the regional gathering of an association that my husband and I are a part of.  One of the sessions was about origami.

Note:  I did NOT create any of the stunning pieces you will see here.  The hosts brought them for display purposes only; I just took pictures of them.

Love the complementary colors on this next one!

I thought it might be fun to overlay this next shot with a picture of some marbles I took last month.

I came away from this session with a very healthy respect for the patience and artistry required to produce origami.  And I also walked out with  a very crooked, sad-looking paper crane.  🙂


One thought on “My 365: Origami

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  1. Wow, such beautiful elaborate origami! I love the shot with the marbles overlayed. I’ve never graduated past paper cranes but did have to make 100 of them for my part of the 1000 for a wedding!

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