Mommies and Elephants

There is only one explanation I can think of for the phenomenon I am about to describe:  most designers of baby-related products must be men.  Or women who have never been postpartum.

Why else would there be baby products (bibs, books, etc.) that relate Mommy with an ELEPHANT?!?

Imagine yourself as a new mother.  Your body has gone through some major changes, all in the name of self-sacrificially perpetuating the species.  You come home from the hospital, very emotionally fragile — only to be greeted by a bib sporting Mommy as an elephant.

The corresponding, “I Love Daddy” bib represents Daddy as a cute, slender, agile monkey.

Leo also has a book that shows Mommy as an elephant.  It has Daddy on the preceding page … and he is a rabbit.  Somebody out there has a malicious sense of humor — that’s all I’m going to say.  😉


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