Have a cow. No, really.

The day has finally come:  I have resorted to bribery.  I “bought” a peaceful shopping trip from my son today.  The price?  One plastic cow.  (In my defense, I did offer to buy him a much cooler animal.  A snarling lion, perhaps, or a trumpeting elephant.  But no, Leo made his Wichita ancestors proud by choosing … a cow.)

Side note:  I never thought I’d be checking for the location of the catchlights in the eyes of a plastic cow.  For some reason, I just never thought I would.

Leo was more interested in the cow’s teeth than its eyes, however.

I guess it only makes sense that he wanted the cow to have fresh breath; he was preparing to kiss it on the lips.


(Coming soon:  adorable newborn photos.  Stay tuned!)


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