Gray Paper

I got a new roll of “thunder gray” seamless paper, so of course I had to try it out.  Normally I’m not big on the whole posing-people-in-front-of-a-backdrop thing.  Unless it’s done well, it tends to bring back uncomfortable memories of School Picture Day.  I’d much rather be outside for pictures.

But it’s good to have options.  So while Leo was eating lunch, I whipped out the background stand, my new paper, the umbrella, etc. and sat for a self-portrait.  Leo enjoyed watching the process — every time I pressed the remote and made the flash go off, he said, “Again!”

Just for fun, I decided to dress weird (I bought this hat at the antique mall on a whim, and I’ve never had a chance to wear it).  It looked sort of 1950s, so I decided to do something anachronistic.


Hey look, I got a text!


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