My 365: Knights Templar

My photo today is a bit darker than the frothy soap bubbles I posted yesterday.

Everything in this picture has a story behind it.  The painting in the background is one that I painted during my “art phase” a couple of years ago (fun fact:  it was painted primarily with an old credit card instead of brushes).  The knights were souvenirs I bought in Edinburgh back in ’04.  The book they are standing on is … well, I won’t tell you what it is, because you would probably laugh at me (I chose it because it was solid black.  Feel free to guess).  And, best of all, the “Holy Grail” is a cup that George and I used in our wedding (I think we bought it at Hobby Lobby).

I thought they all went together nicely — the noble Knights, protecting the Grail of Righteousness from the flaming Forces of Darkness.

Or maybe I just read too much sci-fi/fantasy.


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