My 365: Game On!

One of my favorite games is Scrabble.  George and I used to play it quite often, although it’s been awhile since the last time.  I’m hoping we’ll pick it back up after Leo is old enough to make words, rather than try to choke on the tiles.

The most difficult part about these pictures?  Getting the board set up properly (as if it could have been a real game), with all Scrabble-related words, using only one set of letters.  Whew!  All of that work was DEFINITELY worth more than just one picture, so here are a couple more.

But I finally hit a point when I just couldn’t think of any more Scrabble-related words with the letters I had left.  So I had to say …

(For the curious, this is what the board looked like by the time I got done with it.  I did not use all of the letters; there were still a few left in the bag at the end.  And yes, “BA” is indeed a Scrabble-related word in the Haynes household.  Long story.)


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