My 365: Fan

I was feeling a little silly with this one, but I figured it would be good to throw a few self-portraits in here.

A few tips for taking self-portraits:

1.  Use the timer or a remote.

2.  A tripod is nice, but not necessary.  For this picture, I perched the camera on the edge of the kitchen table and sat on the floor against the refrigerator.

3.  Either use the auto focus-select, or choose the middle focus point.  It’s the easiest to aim.  Then situate yourself so that you are staring right down the barrel of the lens until the focus locks.  Once it’s locked, you can move slightly/close your eyes/whatever, as long as you don’t move too far from the place where the focus locked.

4.  If you have glasses, it helps if you take them off while the focus is locking.  You can put them back on afterwards, if you want.

5.  Self portraits can be silly and fun!


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