Library Leo

I decided to do my Photo(s) of the Day “documentary style” today.

We always have to go to the library on the same day of the week; otherwise, I tend to forget and rack up some hefty overdue fines.  So this time, I toted a camera along on our trip to the library.

Oh, how we love the library!  Lots of fun books to read:

And comfy chairs to sit on (bring out … the comfy chair!  Sorry, couldn’t resist):

But let’s keep it real, here.  We all know the real reason that people like to go to the library.


“Okay, Mom, you’ve played for long enough.  It’s time to go home — come on.”


One thought on “Library Leo

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  1. Lovely portraits. If I were to pick one, last one is my fav shot – it’s a narrative portrait and really like the story telling nature of this shot.

    BTW – I found you blog from FB Photo Club page.
    Good luck on your 365 project.

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