My 365: Russian Egg

I had a fun time with today’s picture.  Back story:  my husband has been to Russia many times (in the dark, cold days before he met yours truly  😉 ) … and he has some cool stuff that he has picked up from there over the years.  A big fluffy hat like the Russian guys wear in movies, nesting dolls, a couple of watercolors/prints, etc.

The painted egg in this photo currently resides on one of our bookshelves.  I’ve always thought it was kind of neat, so I decided to take a picture of it.  So I took it for a walk around the house, looking for the perfect background.  The one I liked best had nothing to do with Russia at all.  It is a painting that my mom had done in high school.  It used to hang in my grandfather’s house for years and years, and then when he passed away, I got to keep the painting.  It’s in our kitchen.

In spite of the fact that the painting has nothing to do with Russia, it just kind of struck me as the right place to put the egg.  It just belonged there.


In some ways, this picture reminds me of marriage:  two disparate things, very different from each other in many ways.  But when they get together, the similarities outweigh the differences, and they just kind of blend into harmony.



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