Memory Monday

Once upon a time, E. used to have curls and take naps.  Sigh.


Fairy-Tale Friday

Out of the storybook and into the world!

Wonderful World Wednesday

So I was looking up "funny sea lion jokes," to see if I could find one to post along with this picture.  Here's what I found: "Q:  What's the difference between a seal and a sea lion? ... A:  An electron!" (Get it?  Seal ion?  *rimshot*) I think I'll just post the picture now.  😉

Memory Monday

Three guesses as to who it was walking up the driveway that brought such big smiles to their faces ... Did you guess ... GRANDMA AND GRANDPA? 😉

Family Photography: The D. Family

Summertime fun in the sun!  🙂 I first met the D. family when their second daughter was a newborn.  What a gorgeous family! I loved the bright, summery colors! So sweet! L. is waaaay more coordinated than I will ever be! It was great to see you again, D. family!  🙂

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